Video: Japan's 60ft Gundam Moves

It's no secret that the Gundam was created in Japan and everyone there pretty much knows what it is.

Of course, you can find a lot of Gundam fans all over the world since the anime has been around for so many years.

Lately, Japan has been busy trying to create their new life sized Gundam statue in Yokohama.

However, the new statue isn't similar to the previous ones since this Gundam statue can actually move around.

The Gundam statue looks incredibly detailed even if you watch it from far away.

It's probably every person's dream to take a picture in front of this amazing Gundam statue.

Of course, everyone wants to be able to ride a Gundam but it probably isn't possible at this point in time.

If you guys noticed, the Gundam is moving around but the speed seems to be quite fast for its size.

The video is actually being sped up at 4x the normal speed, so that we can see the full motions of the Gundam.

if the video wasn't sped up, the Gundam will probably move a lot slower since it's a large and heavy statue.

The motions that the Gundam can make are kneeling, walking, and raising its arm up while pointing to the sky.

We're not sure what other actions that the Gundam can perform but making a huge statue move is already amazing enough. As of now, there's no news as to when the Gundam is ready to be shown to the public.

We hope that they complete this life size Gundam as soon as possible since everyone is probably excited to see it in action.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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