Jimmy Kimmel hosts many different activities and events throughout the years.

The Belly Flop Competition could be considered one of his most famous activities since contestants are randomly chosen on the streets.

Of course, it isn’t any different this year and the contestants come in all shapes and sizes.

If you want to make a big splash and win, you might wish you had a big belly right now.

In any case, let’s go check out what this year’s Belly Flop Competition is like.

Jimmy Kimmel has been hosting this Belly Flop Competition for quite a while and it’s amazing that the venue still looks the same.

Of course, it might be because the staff does a good job at maintaining the equipment but it’s still amazing.

If you ask us though, we kind of wish Jimmy would replace his pool with an even bigger one.

It would be nice to see Jimmy do something different or special in every Belly Flop Competition.

If you’re wondering where they get their contestants, they get people who are passing by Jimmy’s studio.

You would definitely have an advantage if you have a big belly just like this guy.

If you don’t have a large belly, you can still impress the judge by making a huge splash as you dive into the pool.

Of course, it won’t be easy if you have a small body but at least you tried your best.

After competing in the Belly Flop Competition, you get to have a nice warm hotdog as a prize.

Of course, you would definitely get a trophy if you manage to win the competition.

Hopefully, the contestants can do better in the next Belly Flop Competition.

You guys can watch the full video through the link below: