Video: The Jollibee Chickenjoy challenge

If you had the opportunity to go to the Philippines or just hang out with some Filipino's, you might have heard of Jollibee.

Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain who is slowly dominating the international market with it's unique taste. Although the concept is relatively the same with Mcdonald's, the burgers, the fries, the spaghetti but Jollibee has served some unique menu's that not only showcase the American side but also the Filipino side.

In this video, Matt Stonie, famous for being a competitive eater, takes on the challenge of eating 5 bucket of 6 piece chicken joy. That's about 30 pieces of chicken. He was skeptical at first as to what the hype really is about these chicken joys. Well, he is about to find out.

Video: The Jollibee Chickenjoy challenge

As he took the first bite, he savors first and was surprised as to how juicy and scrumptious the chicken is. He finally proceeded to eating as much chicken as he can - going on 1 chicken for a minute (which was a bit long for him).

Video: The Jollibee Chickenjoy challenge

But when he finally reached towards the end, he could really feel the greasiness of the chicken and finally, 5 buckets done with under 30 minutes.

Video: The Jollibee Chickenjoy challenge

Way to go Matt Stonie!

See full video below:



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