Running a business revolving around food isn’t easy especially when you have a long line of customers that are waiting.
If you can’t serve your food fast enough, you will definitely make your customers unhappy.
It’s another story if you’re celebrities like James Corden and Justin Bieber since everyone won’t mind waiting for the food.
After all, it’s not everyday that you get to meet and talk with someone incredibly famous. In fact, this is probably the only opportunity to taste a celebrity’s cooking.

If you’re running a food business, it’s always nice to be in a crowded area. Why? Well, you want to serve food to as many people as possible.
Luckily, James and Justin have a food truck which they can drive around. In this case, they can easily serve food to anywhere they want.
Food trucks definitely have mobility as an advantage, but it doesn’t mean much if the food isn’t that good or delicious.

Justin Bieber is the cook for the day and he’s incredibly busy with all the orders that he’s getting.
We’re not quite sure that Justin can keep up with all the orders, but he’s trying his best and we respect that.
Hopefully, James will swap with Justin and he does a little bit of cooking since they’re basically partners.

Yikes! A crowd of hungry customers have definitely formed. We suspect that word got out that Justin and James are selling food in a food truck.
Once everybody found out, it was only a matter of time before the food truck would be swamped with customers and fans.
We just hope that James and Justin are able to serve enough food for everyone that’s currently waiting.

In any case, we suggest that you guys watch the full video in order to find out.

You can watch the full video through the link below: