Video: The KFConsole

Next-generation consoles are a hot topic lately, since Sony unveiled the PS5 to the world.
Naturally, you would see other companies showcase their own console as a response.
However, you probably wouldn't think that KFC would join in on the fun since it is a fast food company after all.

As soon as KFC saw the PS5, it decided to go over social media and showcase their KFConsole.
At first, we thought that someone made a fake KFC account just to make a joke about this.
However, it turns out that it was an official KFC account that unleashed this amazing video.
Is it real though? We're not really sure, but we definitely hope so since the features are actually quite amazing.

The KFConsole is incredibly unique since it has a chicken chamber built into it.
It's clear that KFC wants gamers to enjoy eating delicious chicken while gaming at the same time.
We're just worried that the console might not be able to withstand the heat that it produces.

At the end of the reveal, KFC is hinting that their KFConsole will be available on November 12, 2020.
It isn't clear if they're serious about releasing a gaming console, but we'd probably buy one if it turns out to be true.
In any case, we think that this is probably just a joke that KFC is making since everyone is hyped up for next-generation console gaming.
If KFC does release a gaming console, we're going to fully use that built-in chicken chamber since we love warm and delicious fried chicken.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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