Video: Kick-Proof TV

Televisions have improved considerably for many years now and they have tons of features that we want.
In fact, many big companies are still putting more features in order to make their products desirable.
However, a company in China made a kick-proof TV and it went viral last year.
Is it really possible to have a kick-proof television? Well, Linus Tech Tips decided to get their hands on one in order to answer our curiosity.

As you guys can see, the television looks the same but the screen is awfully reflective. The reflection is probably because of the material that is used to cover the screen.
Of course, the price of the TV isn't cheap but it also isn't outrageously expensive. Now, we just hope that the TV works and it's durable as the viral videos have claimed.

Kicking the TV probably isn't the only thing that will happen if you plan on using it. In most cases, you will probably have several accidents like throwing stuff at it or something similar.
If you do end up throwing stuff at the TV for whatever reason, you would definitely be glad to know that the TV will be fine. After all, it would definitely be bad if the TV broke because of an accident.
You might have to buy another TV and that's going to be fairly expensive unless you decide to buy a cheap one.

Of course, throwing stuff at the TV isn't enough to test its durability. They have to do other scenarios that will likely happen if you're out with friends and family.
In this case, horsing around ended up hitting the TV. If it was any other TV set, we're quite sure that the full force of a person's body would destroy that flimsy screen.
Luckily, the kick-proof TV seems to be very resistant to a full body tackle, kick, punch and other stuff. Unfortunately, the TV doesn't have the best picture quality and features.
If that isn't a deal breaker for you, then you will probably be interested in this kick-proof TV. If you do intentionally hit the screen with a hammer, the TV might probably survive that damage.

If you're interested in the video , you can click on the link below:



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