Video: The Latest Pokemon Game Announced!

The next generation of Pokemon has been announced and we are incredibly excited for it!

Fans all over the world have been waiting for a new Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch and we finally get a glimpse of it.

The new Pokemon game is set in a new region and it is big enough to even satisfy the most hardcore Pokemon fan.

Of course, a new Pokemon game also means new species of Pokemon and legendary Pokemons.

Let's take a quick peek at what the new Pokemon game looks like.

The game is designed for the Nintendo Switch which is also the latest and hottest console.

The Switch is many times more powerful compared to the game boy, DS and 3DS.

Naturally, the graphics should also get an upgrade but the footage you see might not be the final version.

The final product might be totally different from what we see presently but at least it gives us an idea of the new game.

We're really excited to see the world of Pokemon come to life with vibrant colors.

In every Pokemon game, you always start out with a starter Pokemon.

The starter is often your companion or pal and you usually have three different choices.

Of course, the new Pokemon doesn't break this tradition and you get to choose three different starters.

The grass-type pokemon is called Grookey and it is modeled after a monkey or an ape.

The fire-type pokemon is called Scorbunny which is the rabbit looking that you can see above.

Finally, the water-type pokemon is called Sobble and we're not really sure if its a lizard or another creature.

Pokemon games have always been for being a turn based role playing game.

If you don't know what ti is, then it is basically the combat system of the game.

When fighting other pokemon and trainers, you each perform an action while taking turns.

It is a very old school type of gameplay but the series has always been known for that.

Of course, you will get to see nice visuals and animation when you command your pokemon to attack.

The new Pokemon game will be released in late 2019 and it will have two versions.

The two versions are called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

If you want to learn more about the new Pokemon game, you can check it out with the link below:



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