Video: League of Legends Ruination Cinematic

League of Legends has always made gorgeous looking animated trailers for their game.

We've featured the WildRift Cinematic trailer and the Path animated trailer in our previous posts.

Once again, Riot decided to pull out the stops and give us an awesome looking cinematic trailer called Ruination.

League of Legends always had terrific story and lore that manages to amaze the audience.

It's not so different from this cinematic trailer since Ruination is a major event that will definitely change the story of the game.

In fact, the Ruination cinematic trailer gives us a glimpse of the story of Riot's Ruined King videogame.

Since the central character for the Ruination event is actually Viego who is also known as the Ruined King.

Viego seems to be a very vengeful soul and he doesn't like the idea that his wife was taken away from him.

In fact, Viego seems relentless in his search to find his queen. He kept searching restlessly until he discovered a couple that are resting somewhere.

Viego senses his queen in the woman named Senna who seems to be the host of the spirit.

As soon as Viego senses his queen, he decides to attack the two and reclaim his queen.

Meanwhile, Viego's powers are causing untold havoc throughout the world of Runeterra.

It would seem that monsters or the undead are attacking everyone but that's not all.

Viegp's power seems to be able to control other people and theses people seem to attack anyone that they see.

The Ruination cinematic gives us a lot of details over this major event in league of legends. It's even better that they're able to introduce a new hero through an epic cinematic that everyone can enjoy.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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