Video: Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games has plans to release many games this year including a digital trading card game called Legends of Runeterra.
The game is set in the world of Runeterra which also happens to be the same world in League of Legends.
It's not surprising then that you would find many familiar faces if you're a fan of League of Legends.
In this particular trailer, we get to learn more about the story and lore of Runeterra.

When League of Legends first came out, there wasn't much information about the story of Runeterra except some story telling every now and then.
Of course, Riot would release some cinematic videos and these videos often give us a better understanding about the world of Runeterra.
In this video, we're focusing on Noxus which is a major faction of Runeterra and you can say that they don't get along with other factions.

Here, we are introduced to Darius who is a major character in the Noxus empire since he is a mighty general that rose through the ranks.
Darius is conquering another kingdom in the name of Noxus and he doesn't look like he's enjoying his job that much.
Of course, the other kingdoms are right to be afraid since Darius has a fearsome reputation that would make anyone shiver from fright.

In the end, Darius manages to conquer the kingdom and he even found new allies to fight for him and Noxus.
Since this is a digital trading card game, you should definitely expect this to be similar to Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone.
We haven't played it  yet, but the game is currently playable in America on PC and Android. The game will also launch on the apple store later this year.
If you're not from America, you don't have to worry since the game will also release to the rest of the world later this year.

For the full trailer, you can click on the link below:



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