Lego toys has been around for many years and you can probably find different types of Lego toys.

It isn’t surprising then that we would be able to find a Lego Star Wars edition which is also a very popular product from Lego.

However, Lego and Disney have also partnered up with each other since they have a TV series about the LEGO Star Wars Universe.

You can expect to find all the Star Wars characters in this upcoming Holiday Special which will be streamed on Disney+.

It is a Star Wars animation, so you can expect to see many of your favorite characters from the franchise.

The Holiday Special is going to take us back to when Master Yoda is out training a young Luke Skywalker.

It’s a very iconic moment in the entire franchise and the Lego reimagining of the scene is very impressive.

It wouldn’t be much of a Holiday Special if it was just a reimagining of iconic Star Wars scenes.

From what we can tell, it seems like Rey will be meeting with all the characters from the past Star Wars series.

It’s even crazier that we are able to see a young version of Han Solo meet up with his much older self. We fear that many of Solo’s enemies won’t be able to handle two Han Solos at the same time.

It isn’t enough for Rey to meet Master Yoda and a young Luke Skywalker but she also has to meet everyone from the entire Star Wars franchise.

We’re not quite sure how chaotic the whole situation is going to be but at least there’s going to be an epic battle in the end.

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special will be released on November 17, 2020 and you can watch it on Disney+.

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