Video: LG Shows Off Their Smart Home Products

It's 2020 and CES showed us many cool gadgets, appliances and other technology.
LG showed off their new line of televisions, refrigerators and other appliances which definitely impressed us.
In fact, we definitely can't wait for these products to come out of the market as soon as possible.
We just hope our wallets won't burn a hole because of the heavy price tag that comes with the new technology.

One of the interesting tech that LG showed is the fresh keeper. While the LG smart door was amazing, the Fresh Keeper also caught our attention.
What exactly is LG Fresh Keeper? Well based on the demonstration, it's basically a fridge that is attached to the door.
For what purpose? Imagine ordering online for some fruits and vegetables. The courier arrives and no one is at home to get them.
The courier can just deposit the items inside the Fresh Keeper and you won't have to worry about it going spoiled.

LG also introduced their smart refrigerator and it has a built-in OLED screen on its door.
Smart Refrigerators aren't new and LG has been trying to improve their refrigerators for quite some time.
Now, we probably don't have to grab our smartphones if we want to look at a certain recipe since the fridge already has a screen on the door.
It's also neat that the fridge can communicate with other smart appliances and order it around to do things.
For example, you can let the fridge order the oven to start pre-heating process while you prepare the ingredients.

As for the LG OLED TV, it's probably crazy to think that the TV can analyze the things that you watch.
The upcoming OLED TVs can actually find out the location of a show and the clothes the people are wearing.
Of course, we're not going to expect that the AI inside the TV can accurately tell us the things that we want to know about a show.
However, it's definitely handy to have the TV figure out every detail that we see on the screen.

For the full video, Click on the link below:



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