PewDiePie is a famous Youtuber with tons of subscribers in his channel. Sometimes, you would see him play different video games.
One videogame is called minecraft and it looks fairly simplistic since the graphic of the game isn’t demanding at all.
Linus Tech Tips, another Youtuber, decided to build a PC for PewDiePie┬áin secret and it’s themed entirely about an enemy in minecraft.
The enemy is called a Creeper which is a green looking monster in minecraft. It’s really a very unusual choice for a minecraft PC but it’s also quite interesting.


At first glance, the computer case looks quite different from the normal case that you would usually see.
In fact, the Creeper head is probably the only thing that makes this case stand out.
You would probably think that these guys were making an extremely large jack in the box or something.
Luckily, they’re not but they are making a very unusual computer that’s themed completely on the creeper.

Since the PC is heavily customized, it isn’t surprising at all that the parts used are also somewhat custom made.
Of course, you can always get your hands on parts that perform similarly to this computer, but the case itself is entirely unique.
It probably isn’t surprising that they had to do a ton of work in order to make sure that the wires fit inside the case.

At the end of the day, the computer still runs like a computer but the thing looks more like a statue than a computer.
In fact, no one would probably figure out that it is a computer unless they see wires connecting to a monitor or something.
Of course, this computer is quite powerful and it can certainly run many modern titles at maximum settings.
We just hope that PewDiePie can get this PC in one piece since many accidents do happen during shipping.

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