If you had the chance to win the latest and most powerful gaming PC at this time, would you do anything to take it home with you? When we say anything, we mean build the gaming PC by yourself. Would you do it then?

If you’re worried that you might screw it up and break it, then don’t you worry one bit. After all, if this kid can do it with a little help from someone, then you can too!

The lucky kid, Sean, not only won a gaming PC but he also got to meet Linus Sebastian. Who is Linus Sebastian you ask?

Well, Linus Sebastian is a very popular Tech Youtuber, who talks, explains and reviews PC tech and more.

Sean looks more excited to get his hands on the gaming PC. We can understand his excitement, but he can’t use it until he builds it himself.

Building a PC can look very scary and difficult. Luckily, Sean doesn’t have to build it by himself because Linus is an experienced PC builder.
People often say that building a computer is like Lego for adults because it’s very straightforward. Although, we do recommend that you have an experienced PC builder help you if its your first time building a computer.

After installing every other component, Sean finally gets to plug in the Video card. Boy is Sean really lucky to have a beastly Video Card.

ASUS gave Sean an RTX 2080ti, which is the latest and most powerful graphics card as of today. We can’t help but feel a bit jealous of Sean’s PC specs.

After successfully finishing the PC build, Sean and Linus take it out for a spin. We expected Sean and Linus to fire up a game that has awesome graphics, but they did the opposite.

They decided to run Counter Strike: GO, which is an awesome game. However, we’re just left wondering if Linus just wanted to show Sean how much Frame rates the new PC could push.

Of course, they tested several more games but we don’t want to ruin the whole video for you. Congratulations to Sean for winning and building his own gaming computer.

You can watch the entire video below: