Cats are cuddly little creatures that make great companions if you ever want a pet.

However, these cats are also a natural predator and they can sometimes be a nuisance.

Of course, you can easily drive them away during the daytime but it’s difficult to do so at night.

What’s the solution you ask? Why not build an automatic turret that shoots out water?

Turnah81 has been battling these pesky felines for quite some time.

Although he doesn’t really hate cats, he does find them to be pesky and relatively annoying.

Over the years, he’s tried different ways to chase these felines out and they seem to work temporarily.

Now, Turnah81 decided to build himself a water turret called the Cat Blaster since birds have made a nest near cat territory.

As for the location of cat territory, it’s just Turnah81’s garage and backyard.

As we said earlier, Turnah81 found a bird’s nest and the eggs have already hatched some chicks.

Turnah81 felt that it was his duty to help out these birds since these cats can get a little wild.

Of course, the chicks probably wouldn’t be able to escape or survive if a cat ever tries to attack them.

We just hope that Turnah81’s Cat Blaster can permanently scare away those hungry cats.

As predicted, a sneaky fat orange cat was trying to get in the area.

We don’t know what it was doing here, but we think it must have been trying to mark its territory.

Luckily, the Cat Blaster shoot some water and scared the cat senseless.

The poor thing couldn’t even see that the door was already open.

We just hope that the cat is safe after climbing up the gate.

On the bright side, the Cat Blaster worked and it managed to defend the bird’s nest effectively.

If you guys want to check out the full video, you can click the link down below: