Video: Man Orders and Eats Everything At Pizza Hut

We all love to eat and we all have our favorite fast food place.

If you had the chance to eat everything at one fast food joint, where would it be?

Well, Keith, a member of the Try Guys, went to Pizza Hut and he ordered everything.

We're pretty confident that we can eat a lot, but we probably can't eat the entire menu.

Since Keith ordered everything from Pizza Hut, it's only right that he pick up the first batch early in the morning.

Of course, the rest of the food is going to be delivered since there's a lot of food.

From the looks of things, Keith already knows what's going to happen after eating everything.

Hopefully, Keith can eat all of that or we just hope he shares some of it with his friends.

As you guys know, Pizza Hut is known for their pizza but they also sell other food items like wings.

We are quite amazed that Pizza Hut sells different kinds of chicken wings which also include the boneless version.

Luckily, Keith loves chicken and this is probably his most favorite part of the video.

We doubt he's going to be able to finish everything since he isn't exactly a professional competitive eater.

Eventually, Keith decides to call for help and invited a few guests to the eat out.

We definitely think that food tastes best when you eat it with others.

While Keith did invite people to help finish the food, we can see that he's already nearing his limits.

He's done a good job so far, but we probably wouldn't dare to attempt to do the same thing for a video.

If you guys want to see what happens next, make sure to watch the entire video.

You can click the link below:



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