The Corona Virus has been on the news lately and it’s infecting people at an alarming rate.
While the virus can spread, you can actually help prevent it by washing your hands every now and then.
However, some people aren’t convinced that washing hands can be a very effective preventive measure.
Mark Rober, a Youtuber, decided to do a hand washing experiment and it is definitely effective at killing germs.

Since it’s an experiment, it wouldn’t make sense to use real life germs and viruses to show the effectiveness of proper hygiene.
Instead of using real viruses and germs, Mark used Glo Germ which is a tool to help visualize the viruses and germs.
It’s a handy tool which makes it easier to teach kids the importance of proper hand washing techniques.

After brushing the powder onto the hands, we basically don’t see any difference and we definitely don’t see the germs.
We wonder if it’s actually an effective product or if we need a special tool to actually see those pesky germs.
Well, we would definitely need a UV light if we want to see those germs and viruses floating around on our hands.

After quickly turning on the UV light, the results are as expected and the Glo Germ powder is everywhere.
What does this mean? It just means that it’s easy to spread those germs and viruses everywhere.
In this case, we definitely recommend washing your hands before you end up touching your face.
A thorough hand was would definitely get rid of the bacteria that’s sticking on your hands.

We hope that this video showed you the importance of hand washing. We hope that you guys stay safe and clean while you’re at home.

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