If you are ever assaulted by a man out on the streets, you would do everything you can to defend yourself.

The art of Ameri-Do-Te lets you defend yourself while striking the fatal weakness of your attacker.

Although it will definitely hurt the ego of every man on earth, it is definitely an effective and painful method.

Master Ken and Todd are a martial arts comedy act that first appeared on America’s Got Talent.

The duo often posts video on Youtube under the channel EnterTheDojo which is pretty amazing.

If you thought that there was only one way to inflict pain towards the groin, then you would be amaze at what these fellows discovered.

The demonstration always starts off with the use of our bare hands and feet.

We can see Master Ken attacking the groin with a karate chop and that definitely looks painful.

Unfortunately for Todd, he doesn’t even have the time to react to the attack until he feels the pain.

We are quite confident that no one would ever expect their groin to be attacked.

If you see some street fights, the fighters wouldn’t immediately strike the groin but they would strike other weak spots.

For example, you would see them attack the throat or the head.

You would rarely see someone suddenly attack you below the belt which is illegal in many martial arts tournaments.

You could always attack the groin using your bare hands and feet but Master Ken loves to get creative.

There is a limit as to how many ways you can attack the groin with your hands and it is only natural to use a weapon.

In this case, Master Ken is using a nunchuck and it is definitely dealing a lot of damage to Todd.

We do feel sorry for Todd since he has to take all of the 101 beatings to the groin.

However, Todd is definitely wearing some sort of protection since he knows he is the punching bag of the demonstration.

We did mention that Master Ken and Todd are a comedy duo act and that they are also very creative.

We’re not entirely surprised to see Master Ken in a pirate costume while he demonstrates on how to attack the groin.

It is pretty funny to see him in a pirate costume and attack Todd with his hook hand.

We still wonder why Master Ken is quite close to the groin but we guess it is probably for a comedic effect.

Ultimately, Master Ken and Todd are more similar to a slap stick comedy duo than anything else.

We recommend that you watch the full video and see the 101 ways to attack the groin.

We guarantee that it would give you a few good laughs and you might even become a fan of Master Ken.

If you can’t wait to watch the video immediately, you can find the link of the video below: