Video: Matt Stonie Eats 1.2 Gallon of Fruit Cocktail

It's always nice to go and treat yourself to some dessert especially if the weather is incredibly hot.
Since Summer is fast approaching, it would be nice to go and cool off with some delicious dessert.
However, Matt Stonie has other plans and he decided to cool himself off with some fruit cocktail.
It would be fine if it was a single can of fruit cocktail, but this is Matt Stonie and he decided to eat at least 1.2 gallons of fruit cocktail.

Matt Stonie is a professional competitive eater which means that he has to train his body everyday whenever he plans on competing.
However, he does make some food eating challenges like this one whenever he has the time to do so.
Of course, the food that he eats in these challenges tend to be incredibly unhealthy but he somehow manages to do them.
We definitely don't recommend that you try doing these challenges since most people tend to have a hard time finishing that amount of food.

In this latest food challenge, Matt Stonie decided to eat 10 cans of Del Monte fruit cocktail.
Fruit cocktail is already delicious on its own and it's also quite sweet due to the fruit syrup that's found inside the can.
However, we probably can't imagine ourselves finishing 10 cans of fruit cocktail unless we're having a huge party or something.

As soon as the timer starts, Matt Stonie immediately starts eating the huge bowl of fruit cocktail.
In most of Matt Stonie's challenges, he tends to eat a lot of unhealthy stuff and the amount can be quite terrifying if any other person ate it.
As for this one, the fruit cocktail might be sweet but at least he's still eating fruit which is a whole lot better than eating any other dessert.
It's nice to see that Matt Stonie is doing healthier food challenges since it isn't easy for the stomach to digest all those heavy and unhealthy food.

We hope that he remains healthy during this difficult time and we wish to see more of his awesome videos.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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