Korean Fire Noodle challenges have been fairly popular recently and many people all over the world have attempted it.

Of course, not everybody could complete the challenge since spicy Korean noodles are known to be intense.

However, there are some people who love the spice and they even recorded themselves eating a large amount of it.

Now, Matt Stonie, who is a competitive eater, is going to eat 15 packs of the spicy Korean noodles and it looks painful to watch.

If you’re going to prepare the 15 packs of noodles, you might want to need a huge plate.

Luckily, Matt Stonie already has a huge plate in his house since he’s been eating huge meal portions for years.

The large amount of noodles on that plateĀ  is intimidating and it can barely fit on the plate.

The red color of the noodles definitely makes it overwhelming since we all know it’s going to be very spicy.

Hopefully, Matt Stonie has a strong tolerance for spicy food and we hope his stomach can take the abuse.

As you guys can see, the spices on those noodles are no joke and even Matt Stonie is having a hard time.

We can barely finish a single pack of Korean fire noodles and we think it’s suicide to try 15 at the same time.

If you guys also notice, Matt Stonie doesn’t have milk to help fight off the spiciness but he does have water.

Normally, you’d drink milk when eating something very spicy, but it seems competitive eaters have their own ways of doing things.

After finishing up the 15 packs of Korean fire noodles, Matt seems to be full and he is also satisfied with the amount of time he used up.

We’re not really sure if it’s safe to eat that much spicy food but we wouldn’t recommend you guys try the same thing.

Trust us, if you eat something really spicy, you will definitely make tons of trips toward the bathroom.

If you guys want to watch the whole video, you can check it out through the link below: