Japan has many kinds of food and you might want to eat all of it if you can.

It would be a dream come true for food lovers if they can eat huge portions of their favorite food, right?

Well, it would depend if your stomach is capable of housing a butt load of food.

If your stomach isn’t up to the task, you might feel incredibly sick from the food and a huge stomach ache.

Unless you’re into competitive eating and you know what you are doing, we really don’t recommend eating food that’s above your stomach capacity.

Luckily, you can just watch a professional world competitive eater, Matt Stonie, eat those ridiculous amount of food for you.

We begin the video with Matt Stonie buying his curry at a vending machine.

In Japan, some restaurants have vending machines where you can buy the meal you want.

If you buy from these machines, you need to hold onto these tickets as proof of your purchase.

Otherwise, the restaurant staff will have a hard time looking for the person who ordered the food.

The vending machine is quite handy especially on busy days since it is fast and efficient.

Luckily, the restaurant doesn’t seem too crowded. Otherwise, Matt would have to wait in order to find a seat.

After waiting for quite sometime, Matt finally sees the massive curry dish that he ordered.

The size of that plate is huge and we’re not even sure if we can finish everything on a single plate.

We’re confident that Matt can finish a single plate easily since he is a professional eater but two plates seems to be pushing it.

However, Matt seems to be taking this as an opportunity to test his capacity, so he might actually finish two entire plates.

We got to admit that the food looks incredibly delicious and it costs around 25$ per plate.

The deal isn’t bad since the meal portions are quite generous. However, it’s probably not worth it if you can’t even finish the entire plate since you would be wasting a lot of food.

Well, we never imagined Matt to finish the two plates within 30 minutes but he barely did it.

In fact, we expected Matt to finish the two plates within an hour and we expected him to struggle a bit.

Who would have imagined that Matt has a huge appetite for Curry and all things fried?

Now, we’re curious as to the next food challenge that Matt is going to attempt.

We just hope that he has enough appetite to compete in the World Championship Eating Competition.

Congratulations Matt, keep on growing stronger and happy eating!

If you guys would like to see the entire video, you can watch it through the link below: