It’s been many years since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and technology has improved over the years.

Many countries from all over the world have started their own space programs and they all hope to venture into deep space.

In many science-fiction novels and films, we all imagined that we would have space colonies and easy access to space travel.

Of course, we know that it’s just fiction and we’re quite far from achieving the so called light speed space travel.

However, NASA has been hard at work in trying to improve and progress through their space exploration project.

We even believe that they might one day bring fiction and reality together. It will be cool to see space colonies on the Moon.

Space travel doesn’t happen instantly and it takes a lot of time for it to happen.

Of course, space travel will require dedication from scientists and also a considerable amount of money.

After all, the people working on NASA requires a lot of resources in order for them to develop the technology for space travel.

Presently, NASA plans on making a base somewhere on the moon and they have a pretty tight schedule to maintain.

We don’t doubt that they can finish their objective by 2024 but they seem excited to announce it to the world.

You might be wondering to yourself as to what those blue spots are?

At first, we thought that they were just some marks that NASA placed and they weren’t too important.

However, we were quite shocked to learn that they are actually Ice water that is hidden deep within the moon.

It’s great and even fantastic to learn that the moon has some resources that we could use.

Of course there is always a catch, the ice water has to be processed before it can become drinkable.

It is still amazing how the moon has resources that are quite useful despite its barren appearance.

In this day and age, we hope that space exploration can advance through leaps and bounds.

We hope that we can one day experience space travel as if it was a boat ride or even a plane ride.

We finally get to see the satellite object that NASA is going to be launching.

For a satellite object, we always thought that they would give it a nicer name or something.

However, they did explain that it’s going to help them launch more space missions to the nearby planets like Mars.

In a way, we do think it’s appropriate to call this thing as a Gateway since it’s going to be sending things to different planets.

We do hope that we get to see robots being launched through space just like the ones you see in Japanese cartoons.

Of course, we don’t plan on seeing that part become true or it would really be a wild fantasy becoming true.

We give the best of luck to NASA and their plans for further space exploration.

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