Video: Nvidia Giving Away Free Stuff to Community

Computers have considerably improved over the last decade and it will only get better in the long run.
If you're into computers, you probably heard of Nvidia which is a company that creates video cards for computers.
Recently, Nvidia decided to do a community giveaway and they're giving out some beefy hardware.
If you're looking to upgrade your computer, you might want to participate in their giveaways.

If you don't plan to play video games or do things that require a powerful video card, then you probably won't need one.
However, it's always nice to see a big company reach out to their community and show their appreciation to their customers.
It would definitely make our day if we win one of their giveaways since we got a lot of games to play.

For this giveaway, Nvidia decided to pick their winners from their viewers in Youtube.
Of course, it isn't enough for you to subscribe and watch the video.
In fact, you need to comment on their videos if you want to get a good chance of winning.
These guys are definitely going to have a big surprise and it's only the start of the year.


There are a ton of giveaways that they're doing and you don't have to be sad if you didn't win.
You can always try and win the next one since there are many more opportunities for it.
The next giveaway will be on CES 2020 which starts on January 7.
We do recommend that you subscribe to their channel and comment on their videos.
Who knows? You might be able to win something

For the full video, click on the link below:



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