Video: Pay Any Amount At This Buffet Restaurant

Buffet Restaurants are very common around the world and they tend to charge you a lot.

After all, the restaurants have to be able to make some profit despite the amount of food they serve.

However, there's a buffet restaurant in India that serves its customer food at any given price.

Regardless of the amount you pay, the customers will be able to enjoy the entire buffet course.

It's an amazing concept and it might even be a charitable work if you ask us.

As you guys can see, there's a lot of customers that visit this restaurant everyday.

We can't really blame them since the offer will definitely attract a lot of people.

Of course, the food might also be incredibly delicious and it just attracts people.

We also forgot to mention that this is a vegetarian restaurant, so some of you might no be into it.

Even though it's a vegetarian restaurant, Indian cuisine is known to use a lot of spices and seasoning.

In the end, you might actually like the food even if there's no meat in the dish.

Just take a loot at this dish, it looks like a pancake or a waffle and it definitely looks good enough to eat.

In case you were wondering, this dish is actually called Thosai and there are a lot of versions out there.

Since these guys are running a buffet restaurant, they would definitely need a lot of help.

We can see that their kitchen staff is busy cooking the next batch of food.

Working in a kitchen can be incredibly exhausting and we can't admit but admire the staff's dedication.

We just hope that the chefs don't exhaust themselves because of all that food that they are trying to cook.

If you guys are interested in watching the whole video, you can click the link below:



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