The Bachelorette is a popular reality TV show that focuses on young men trying to win the love of a young woman.

Well, what if one of the contestants is the killer clown from the movie, IT?

James Corden decided to become Pennywise, the killer clown, and it looks hilarious.

Naturally, James Corden isn’t incredibly tall like Bill SkarsgĂ„rd but James makes up for it with his acting skills.

The young bachelors are inside the room since they’re going to be competing in a talent competition.

While everyone looks incredibly normal, Pennywise stands out a lot since he is wearing a creepy clown costume.

Of course, you might want to try your best to ignore him but it’s incredibly difficult due to his getup.

We can see that everyone doesn’t like Pennywise and they all agree that the clown shouldn’t be on the show.

Unfortunately for everyone, Pennywise doesn’t think so and he insists on staying.

We even get to see a personal interview with the killer clown and he seems to be alright.

It just goes to show that we really can’t judge someone based on their looks, right?

Of course, the saying usually applies to everyone unless you are a monster in one of Stephen King’s books.

Pennywise definitely makes use of all of his skills as a killer clown in trying to eliminate his competition.

It’s creepy and unsettling that he can easily appear out of nowhere when you just want to be alone with someone.

While Pennywise might be scary and evil, we think that he might really just be looking for a special someone out there.

Unfortunately, Pennywise’s actions are just horrifying and we don’t recommend that you go near this killer clown at all.

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