How well can you open a walnut or any other kind of nut?

Can you open it without using a hammer or maybe you know a technique to help open nuts.

Well, a group of people are asked to open a walnut while using a bunch of tools.

Do you think you guys can do a better job than they can?

If we see a bunch of tools lying around, the first thing we get would be a blunt object like a hammer or mallet.

It definitely makes perfect sense for this guy to grab that tenderizer and we can’t blame him if he found that instead of a mallet.

Of course, he’s definitely going to make a huge mess when he tries to crack that walnut open.

Now, we just have to find a method that’s less messy and more efficient.

Who needs tools when your hand is the best tool out there, right?

Well, this guy is definitely confident in opening that walnut with his bare hands.

While it is possible to do open it with your hands, he might want to use more technique than brute force.

We just hope that he doesn’t injure himself when he tries to open it that way.

It’s nice to findĀ  many ways to crack open a walnut and it’s definitely satisfying.

However, you should just use a nutcracker like the one this chef is using.

After all, nutcrackers were designed for this job and it’s also very efficient.

Of course, if you guys don’t prefer to use a nutcracker, the chef also has other methods that he can recommend.

If you guys want to watch the full video, you can check it out through the link below: