Video: Pokemon Twilight Wings

Pokemon has always been a popular franchise throughout the world. Last year, we saw the release of Pokemon Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch.
The game was well received and we expected an anime for the new generation to follow up in the future.
However, we never expected the Pokemon company to work fast and to deliver the anime at the beginning of the year.
In fact, we expected the anime to come out around 2021 or late 2020. However, we always love surprises and this one was quite pleasant.

As you guys can expect, this short anime is set in the Galar region of the Pokemon world.
Clearly, the guys at the Pokemon Company planned this ahead of time since the release date between the game and anime is only 2 months.
Of course, the visuals on the anime is amazing and it even feels like an animated movie.
There is no denying that the animation is incredibly beautiful and it just makes you want to watch more.

In this anime short, we get to see characters from the game in anime form.
There's no denying that the anime is directly related to the video game.
Unfortunately, we don't know if the story is directly related or linked to the video game.
However, we think that the anime is more similar to a spin-off than a full blown series.

While the anime isn't that long, it does a good job in showing us the important details of the story.
Since the run time is quite short, the studio went straight to the point in creating this anime.
You probably won't see any time fillers or stuff to distract you from the whole story.
We just hope that the next episode will be a bit longer since this anime looks quite interesting.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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