Video: PS5 Reveal

Sony has been quite busy over the past week and they finally revealed the look of the PlayStation 5.
Since the PlayStation 4 is already nearing the end of its lifespan, it's only natural for Sony to prepare for its next big console.
Of course, there were rumors and discussions regarding the PlayStation 5 but there wasn't any official confirmation from Sony.
Finally, Sony decided to end those rumors and officially reveal the look of the PlayStation 5.

As you guys can see, Sony is clearly teasing the PS5 to be an incredible next generation console and this long introduction basically tries to hype it up.
When we first watched this video, we were honestly quite confused since we couldn't figure out what this presentation was actually about.
Eventually, we were able to see symbols on the black monolith and it was then that we realized that it was about the PS5.
We were definitely hyped the moment we figured out that it was about the PS5.

After a while, we finally see a dramatic entrance of the PS5 and it looks different from what we ever imagined.
Personally, we don't mind the color choices but the design is something that we don't really enjoy since it looks rather strange.
Of course, the PS5 design might appeal to other people but we just hope that there are more color variations to the console.

In any case, Sony does plan on selling the PS5 in two versions during its launch.
The standard PS5 will have a 4K UHD Blu-Ray disc drive while the digital version doesn't.
Since the digital version of the PS5 doesn't have a 4K UHD Blu-Ray disc drive, you can expect it to be cheaper and lighter compared to the standard version.
Sony doesn't have an exact release date for the PS5, but you can expect the console to be available in stores during the holidays of 2020 unless they make an announcement.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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