We’ve seen many people with different types of pet in the world.

Most of these pet owners own dogs, cats, birds and even reptiles.

We haven’t really seen much people with exotic animals like a leopard or tiger but they do exist.

Well, one Youtuber actually owns a raccoon and it is incredibly fluffy to look at.

Oh, we also forgot to mention that it is a raccoon and it will do things that you won’t even expect.

After letting out the pet racoon, you can see the racoon immediately play around the house with its ball.

The little thing is so adorable that it can actually melt our hearts away.

Although the raccoon looks fluffy and adorable, it can cause serious headaches if you leave it unattended.

Of course, we all just have to watch how the raccoon acts without any human intervention.

We’re quite confident that the raccoon is going to cause a huge headache for the owner.

If you didn’t know, raccoons are incredibly intelligent creatures and they can figure out a lot of things.

As you can see, the raccoon managed to turn on the faucet on its own but it chose to leave it around.

We’re not really sure why it decided to turn on the faucet and leave it alone but it must be due to its own curiosity.

If the owner could just train the raccoon, then we might see a racoon that can fetch a glass of water.

Of course, we might even end up seeing a super hero raccoon just like rocket raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

It is only a matter of time before we see something amazing from this little fellow.

Raccoons tend to do surprising things and sometimes they can do awkward things that we sometimes find funny.

We know that they like to climb up on things since they originally belong in the wildlife.

However, it’s just adorable and funny to see a raccoon that’s stuck on a wooden cage.

Of course, we could be wrong here and the raccoon is just looking for an opportunity to go down on its own.

Heck, even the owner of the raccoon thinks that his pet can’t climb back down.

It’s fun to watch and it actually got us wanting a pet racoon of our own.

We did gave it a second thought and we realized it’s going to be too troublesome to take care of a raccoon.

In fact, we’re not even sure what to feed the raccoon or how to groom it properly.

In the end, we don’t recommend getting this creature as a pet unless a professional guides you on how to take care of it.

If you want to watch the full video, you can check it out in the link below: