We all know Mario and Luigi from Nintendo’s Mario Bros games. Mario is the short red Italian plumber and Luigi is the tall green Italian plumber.
People around the world know that Mario is always the main protagonist of the games since he’s incredibly brave and strong.
However, Luigi also has his own games and he’s quite well loved despite being cowardly.
The new Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming out soon and a few people got to see the real life version of the mansion.
Let’s go and take a look!

The venue is carefully decorated to match the theme of Nintendo’s Luigi’s Mansion 3 and it looks amazing.
Of course,  we even get to see a statue of Gooigi which is the blob like clone of Luigi in the game.
We can tell that it’s made quite well and it definitely matches the rest of the decorations.

If you guys aren’t familiar with Luigi’s mansion, it’s basically a video game where Luigi must clean up a haunted mansion.
For the upcoming sequel, the game is set in a hotel and Luigi must save everyone inside.
We got to admit that Luigi needs a break from all that ghost hunting. He really doesn’t seem to enjoy hanging out with ghosts.
Of course, the event would also give people the chance to try out the game and it looks like it is very popular.

While everyone is busy trying out the game, it looks like a couple of people found the Poltergust.
The Poltergust is Luigi’s vacuum cleaner which he uses to clean up ghosts.
It definitely seems to be in working condition and you can definitely have some fun with it.
With Halloween coming up, we can see that Luigi’s Mansion 3 definitely celebrates the festivity>

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be released on October 31, 2019 on the Nintendo Switch.
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