Video: Regular Clowns Fight Against Evil Clowns

Scary clown movies are coming out lately and many people are even more afraid of clowns. Of course, the ordinary clowns aren't happy with the outcome and they decide to fight.
James Corden and a bunch of guys are playing as clowns and they confront two of the most infamous clowns, today. We can imagine that things will not end very well.
Unless Joker and Pennywise use their tricks, the regular clowns definitely won't stand a chance. In any case, let's go and check out the video.

The skit starts off with a bunch of clowns meeting up together. The group is definitely venting out their frustrations over the recent clown movies.
It's clear that they're not satisfied with how everyone sees clowns as scary or menacing. After all, these clowns can't seem to get a job.
We can't very well blame these clowns since they are still people. We get how they have drown their sorrows with their fellow clowns.

A while later, the group spots the Joker and Pennywise. The two are the source of the clown's problems and they don't like them.
We can't blame them for this since Pennywise is actually an evil killer clown that eats child.
As for the Joker, he's the guy that wants to kill Batman. Everyone loves Batman and kids most likely hate Joker because he's Batman's enemy.
Of course, Pennywise and the Joker are unaware of the situation. However, the two remain to be friendly with their fellow clowns.

Unfortunately, the two sides don't get along and huge clown fight breaks out. If you thought that clowns can get violent, you would be dead wrong.
Like most clowns, we see them throwing pies at each other and similar shenanigans. Of course, we even get to see Joker use his electric buzzer and it's straight out of a cartoon.
The fight is probably similar to that of a slap stick comedy like the three stooges which is quite entertaining.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:




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