Ryan Reynolds is a famous actor known for his portrayal in Deadpool, Green Lantern and the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie.

Lately, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been exchanging arguments in social media on petty things.

Although it does make sense, since Hugh Jackman plays as Wolverine in the X-men movies.

After all, Deadpool and Wolverine don’t exactly get along together. In fact, you would usually see both of them fighting.

Now, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman decided to end the squabble on social media.

In fact, they decided to make a video because they wanted to show their sincerity.

Of course, the two decided to make advertisements for each other’s products.

You can probably think about it as an advertisement exchange.

Ryan’s advertisement for Hugh Jackman looks professionally done.

In fact, it even looks really well-made and high class.

You really can’t tell from this shot but Ryan Reynolds is doing the narration over this.

Although the name of the coffee sounds strange, we do want to try tasting a cup of coffee from Hugh Jackman.

At the end of the advertisement, we get to see the entire product.

We’re pretty convince that Ryan Reynold spent a lot of money just to make this advertisement.

We’re sure that Ryan is genuinely sincere in calling for a truce on Social media.

Hopefully, Hugh Jackman also gave it his all when he made Ryan’s Aviation Gin advertisement.

See full video below: