We know that school can sometimes keep us busy from doing other things.

If your school encourages you to do well in sports and academics, then you’re very lucky.

Of course, kids today tend to spend more time on the screen than outdoor activities.

It can’t really be helped because technology has greatly improved and it is widely used.

Recently, a viral video was uploaded where a school principal started dancing with his entire school.

The principal is sporting a sleek and cool look as he dances together with the entire school.

If our principals were this fashionable and cool, we would clearly approve even as a child.

Teaching these kids must have taken a lot of time and effort everyday.

The principal must have set aside a time during the children’s lessons just so they can practice the dance routine.

If we didn’t know any better, the principal could be the leader of a dance unit for kids.

You can see that the kids are enjoying the dance and they are almost completely in sync with the principal.

If you can’t tell what they are dancing, it is actually called the shuffle.

We’re not really sure why they picked that dance move but it must be due to its popularity.

Whatever the reason for the choice in dance, we really love how coordinated these guys are.

Due to the principal’s dance with the students, you can see that people recording the entire thing.

We’re not sure if the local news stations are covering this but it’s nice that they’re gaining attention throughout.

We’re hoping that the school principal would do another dance routine with the students.

After all, kids want to experience different things and a single dance routine might bore them.

If we get to dance before staring lessons, our bodies will definitely become active and our minds attentive.

You can watch the full video below: