Video: How To Season A Carbon Steel Wok

If you ever want to cook something good, it's always a good idea to have a good cooking instrument in the kitchen.

However, it always isn't easy to maintain your kitchen tools and instruments since the cost of maintenance can be extremely high.

Alderic Teo, a youtuber, shows us how to season his carbon steel wok and the process looks difficult and even dangerous.

We don't recommend that you try it for yourselves unless you're incredibly confident in your cooking skills.

As you guys can see, we're introduced to a carbon steel wok which isn't a common household kitchen item.

If anything, you can probably find these types of woks at a restaurant since professional chefs often use them. If you do plan on buying this work, we just hope that you're prepared for the maintenance troubles that this wok offers.

Soon after, we begin the the seasoning process by thoroughly washing the wok with soap and water.

Once the wok has been thoroughly washed, it is heated up until the wok's color changes into a tint of blue.

Alderic explains to us that this is part of the seasoning process that partially protects the wok from rust.

Once the entire wok has been tinted blue, it's time to cooldown the wok with some water.

After cooling it down, it's important to wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

For this last step, it's important that the wok has been thoroughly heated and to slowly apply oil to its surface.

While there are many ways to do this, the safest way is to wipe oil on the surface with a towel and clean it off with a paper towel. You repeat this process until the entire wok turns completely black.

You can try other methods of seasoning the wok but safety is always the most important thing whenever you're doing something in the kitchen.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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