Mother nature can be beautiful and cruel at the same time.

When you’re out in the wild, you get to see all kinds of things happen.

In fact, watching animals hunt other animals is perfectly normal in the wild.

However, you rarely get to see those things under the sea.

Well, scientists managed to record footage that shows sharks becoming the prey.

Sharks are carnivorous animals and they usually hunt their prey.

Although these tiny guys are cute and adorable, they are actually deadly predators.

Unfortunately for this swordfish, it ended up becoming a huge feast for this large group of sharks.

Of course, we don’t know exactly know how the swordfish died but it most likely got attacked by the sharks.

Although sharks usually hunt solo, there are times when they hunt as a group.

While the sharks are busy eating the swordfish, a grouper fish seems to be joining the feeding frenzy.

We doubt the sharks will welcome the new face and we think they might have found their next meal.

Of course, groupers are also predatory hunters and it might just be passing through.

Wow! the grouper just ate that shark whole and it just scared off everyone.

We never knew that groupers also eat small sharks.

We’re now wondering if bigger sharks will also target groupers.

It leaves us wondering what other possibilities are out there.

It’s amazing how some predators can become the prey in just an instant.

Nature can be really scare but it’s all just a part of the cycle of life.

If you guys want to watch the whole video, you can click the link below: