Video: Sheep Attacks BBC Cameraman

WARNING: This video may not be appropriate for young children.


News stations cover a lot of content from various places of the world.

In fact, they sometimes cover news that isn't always grim or awful.

The BBC took a trip to visit a sheep caretaker and they played around with a sheep.

Unfortunately, the sheep wasn't too happy with the visitors and it ended up hurting one of their cameramen.

The sheep looks incredibly cute and harmless as it walks toward the caretaker and reporter.

We definitely wouldn't think that this little fellow would be capable of harming anyone.

Of course, we do know that Sheep tend to butt heads with each other for fun.

We just don't know if this little guy would use all of its might to hurt a human.

Oh boy! The sheep is quite eager to play around and that's its caretaker.

You would definitely have to be careful around that sheep since accidents tend to happen.

We're confident that the sheep doesn't mean any harm and that's probably its way of playing.

It's also possible that its the sheep's nature to just headbutt people and things.

Ouch! The sheep didn't show any mercy to the poor cameraman.

We kind of feel bad for the guy since he was just doing his job.

Of course, we can't blame the sheep since it was just following its instincts.

Hopefully, the cameraman is alright after the incident and we hope that he isn't traumatized.

You can check the full video below:



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