Video: Slow Motion Video on How a Tranquilizer Dart Works

Our eyes can can see a lot of things in this world and sometimes we can't see things that are too fast for our eyes to keep up. Luckily, modern day cameras can capture practically about everything and we can slow the footage down.
Now, tranquilizer darts are often used on animals and we often see it in television. However, we really don't have a clear idea as to how the tranquilizer dart shoots out the drug when it hits the target.
Of course, we always assumed that the dart was similar to getting a shot from your doctor. Apparently, we were partly right and it's all about physics from here on.
Luckily, the Slow Mo Guys decided to do their own experiment and we definitely learned a lot.

Gav and Dan are also known as the Slow Mo Guys and they've been doing slow motion videos for several years. You could say that these guys are experts on slow motion videos.
In any case, the Slow Mo Guys are busy preparing the tranquilizer dart. Interestingly enough, preparing the dart requires a bit of preparation. The two load up the tranquilizer fluid into the dart by using a syringe.
Afterwards, the dart requires some bit of air pressure in order to inject the tranquilizer when it hits the target. In this case, the air pressure is injected into another part of the dart.

As soon as the dart is ready, the Slow Mo Guys are ready to perform the experiment. Dan is usually the guy that performs the experiment and he is going to use a blowgun to shoot the tranquilizer gun.
Of course, this is the probably the most common way of shooting a tranquilizer gun. As you guys can see, the experiment is dangerous and you shouldn't do this at home.
The tip of the dart is a thin metal needle which can easily penetrate a thick skin or hide of an animal. Of course, you would need a good amount of force in order for this to happen.

If shooting the tranquilizer dart does fail, you  might end up angering the target. Of course, there's also the possibility of it escaping.
In any case, you don't really have the luxury of fooling around with something like this. Otherwise, you might end up getting into an accident.

We definitely suggest that you guys watch this video. You can check it out through the link below:



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