Video: Sony Celebrates 40 Years of Walkman

Listening to music has evolved over the years and it's all thanks to technology.

However, Companies like Sony is also responsible for the easy access to music.

If they didn't make their portable music players, we probably wouldn't be able to listen to music on our phones.

Sony celebrates the WALKMAN's 40th anniversary and Sony also released a video on Youtube.

Sony first released the WALKMAN in 1979 and it was a portable music player that used cassette tapes.

If you don't know what cassette tapes are, they're audio recordings that are stored inside a magnetic tape.

The cassette tapes were quite popular at the time and many people used them to record and playback sounds.

Of course, the world has come a long way and no one uses cassette tapes anymore.

After several years, Sony improved the WALKMAN by making a portable compact disc music player.

Of course, the WALKMAN no longer used cassette tapes since those things were becoming old and out of date.

Although the WALKMAN became quite bulky, Sony continued to release different versions that were more portable.

Back then, you would definitely see people bring these around since they all wanted to listen to some music.

After a few more years, the digital age came and people listened to music on their computers.

At this time, we got to see some digital music players out in the market.

Of course, people would just transfer songs from their computer to the music player.

Eventually, we started to listen to music using our phones and it's amazing.

Sony has done an incredible job and we would like to congratulate them for celebrating the WALKMAN's 40th anniversary.

You can check the full video below:



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