Video: Sony Showcases Their Brand New Car

Sony is known for their electronics and movies. However, Sony just showed to the world their first prototype car.
We're quite surprised that Sony decided to make a automobile but it looks incredibly promising.
It's probably one of the most surprising announcements made in the Consumer Electronics Show 2020.
In any case, let's go and take a look at the prototype car.

As you can imagine, Sony's stage for the show is quite big and there are definitely tons of people attending.
At this time, no one knew what Sony would be showing off on the stage. After all,  no one would expect a car to show up from an electronics company.
So, you can very well imagine that the crowd was waiting for a console, TV or something along those lines.

The car is called the Vision-S and it definitely looks like an ordinary car. What makes it special? Well, it's a smart car with tons of features for entertainment.
You can watch a ton of movies on the road with the best surround sound. Of course, the driver must definitely keep his eyes on the road while driving.
However, the car also has tons of sensors, cameras and more. It's a car that will definitely make life on the road less stressful.

Inside the car, we see that it's equipped with monitors for the passengers. You can definitely entertain your friends and family while you're driving.
Of course, this isn't the actual insides of the car but it's actually a 3D model of the car's insides.
If you were expecting something amazing on the inside, you shouldn't expect too much from it. After all, this is only a prototype and things could change during its development.
We're expecting a lot from this car from Sony and it looks to be an interesting product.

We definitely encourage you guys to check the video and more things from the Consumer Electronics Show.
For the full video, click on the link below:



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