Mobile Phones have gotten better over the years and companies are looking for the next big innovation.

Well, there’s a foldable phone available in the market and you can buy it at the Royole website.

Of course, the price won’t be cheap since it’s the only foldable phone that’s in the market right now.

However, Samsung did show off its own foldable phone but we don’t know when they’re going to sell it yet.

In any case, JerryRigEverything, a Youtuber, decided to get his hands on the foldable phone and he did some tests on it.

First, JerryRigEverything unboxes the phone and shows it off to the camera.

We get to see that the phone is probably at the size of a small tablet.

When you take a look at the back, you will notice that rubber hinge or spine that connects the entire phone.

The rubber spine looks like it protects the parts that allows the phone to fold.

Now that we think about it, the back of the phone makes it look like you’re holding two different phones.

When we use a phone, we always tend to look at the screen.

It would be a shame if the screen on your phone easily breaks.

For this test, JerryRigEverything tried to scratch up the screen and the results were bad.

It would seem that the FlexPai’s screen isn’t that durable and it could be scratched with your nails.

It’s quite a shame since the FlexPai is quite expensive and it’s probably hard to replace the screen.

JerryRigEverything did more scratch testing all over the phone.

Surprisingly, the phone’s body was quite durable than we initially thought.

However, there was one more test that needed to be done and that was the bending test.

After folding the phone in the opposite way with a huge amount force, the rubber spine eventually broke and it distorted the screen.

Of course, the screen continues to function, but you will get an unusual fold as a result.

Would you guys be willing to buy a foldable phone after seeing this?

You can check the full video below: