Going to a good college school is definitely important if you want to have a good career in the future. However, getting accepted into famous schools like Oxford, MIT and Harvard will be quite challenging.
One kid sent his application letter to Harvard, but the school decided to postpone his application for whatever reason. Normally, you would just wait until the school finally decides to accept or reject you.
In that case, you would definitely try to apply to other universities and college. However, Ethan Kim decided that he wanted to do something different and then he made a rap video.

We were pleasantly surprised to hear that the rap song was good. In fact, it was quite catchy now that we think about it.
It’s even more surprising to learn that Ethan is quite talented in rapping. We’re quite convinced that Ethan could make a career as a rap star.
Of course, Ethan has bigger goals and he’s working hard to make sure that he gets into Harvard.

The music video is also very impressive since it looks like it was edited and filmed professionally. You would definitely be moved at how well the presentation looks and you would definitely root for Ethan.
Of course, Ethan’s efforts can be clearly seen like this part where he shows off his martial arts skill. While the tone of the video doesn’t seem serious, it takes considerable effort and skill to pull off something like this.
It definitely isn’t easy and we can just imagine how many shots it took in order to get a good footage. Luckily, it looks like Ethan had helped when he filmed his video.

Hopefully, Ethan’s rap music video gets noticed by the Harvard officials. If Harvard does notice it, we just hope that Ethan would get accepted.
It’s always nice to see someone do something different when they’re trying to do something.┬áSeriously though, Ethan’s rapping skills are quite good and everyone should watch the video.
Anyways, we wish Ethan the best of luck and we hope he gets accepted to Harvard.

For the full video, you can click on the link below: