Video: Teacher Teaches Math in a VR Game

The entire world is under quarantine because of COVID-19 and schools are closed until further noticed.
However, one math teacher didn't want to stop teaching and he decided to teach in a VR game.
It sounds very unusual, but it's quite effective at getting everyone's attention. In fact, we even give a thumbs up for his resourcefulness.

The math teacher goes on to review 6th grade math and he basically gives everyone a refresher.
Math really isn't our strongest subject, but we would certainly enjoy math if  our classes were something like this.
We're quite confident that a lot of students would probably pay more attention since everything is different compared to a regular classroom at school.
Of course, the teacher's lecture is excellent and we ended up getting a nice little review of 6th grade math.

While you could probably teach any subject in VR, Half Life: Alyx definitely has other interesting features.
For one, you can interact with a lot of things in this game compared to other VR games which is a nice touch.
If you guys didn't notice, the teacher is writing on a glass window with the use of a marker. Heck, he even adjusts the radio that's found within the games.
The game just came out recently and tons of people are already making use of the little details that are found within the game.

You can definitely fool around in this game and do various things or you can finish the story of the game.
In any case, the game definitely gives you a lot of freedom and it doesn't pressure you into doing things differently.
We can definitely see the appeal of this game and why the teacher decided to use it as his teaching platform.
We just hope that he continues teaching his math lessons in this game since it looks very interesting.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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