Skateboarding is usually something that we see kids do during their free time. Of course, there are also a lot of us that don’t understand skateboarding as much.
Tony Hawk, a skateboard professional, decided to sit down and explain the different levels of skateboarding for us.
We do have to warn you guys that skateboarding can be dangerous and you will definitely get injured if you try it.
If you do decide to use the skateboard, make sure to wear safety gear at all times.
In fact, Tony Hawk even wears safety equipment when he performs high level tricks. In any case, let’s check out the video.

Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder since he was a teenager and he definitely has tons of experience.
We could very well imagine the amount of injuries he received because of skateboarding.
Luckily, Tony Hawk can still perform these tricks even when he’s 51 years old.
It’s definitely amazing to see this man do what he loves and share his knowledge to everyone.

When performing tricks, we all have to start with the basics since that’s the foundation for everything else.
While Tony Hawk can make these tricks look easy, it’s actually a lot harder than it looks.
Of course, practice makes perfect and anyone can probably do it if they practice a lot.
It’s always nice to see someone explain the trick, so that everyone can understand the principle behind it.

We fast forward to level 19 tricks and it definitely looks way more complicated than the level 1 trick.
If anyone is planning to do these tricks without any safety gear, you should probably stop them from doing it.
It’s not easy to perform these tricks and the risk is quite high even if you can perform the trick most of the time.
In fact, Tony Hawk even wears safety equipment since these tricks are too dangerous and no one likes getting hurt.

Skateboarding can be a whole lot of fun, but attempting fancy tricks can also be dangerous.
Just remember guys, safety is always important in any activity or sport.

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