Video: Transparent TV by XiaoMi

It's quite common for technology to advance rapidly in a span of a few years.

Sometimes, we might even see some crazy ideas and it would get us incredibly excited for something.

Lately, Xiaomi has been launching all sorts of products aside from their popular smartphones.

In celebration of Xiaomi's 10 year anniversary, the company decided to launch a transparent TV that will seriously hurt your wallet.

Linus Tech Tips is one of the many popular tech Youtube channels out there and he covers anything relating to technology.

In this video, Linus decided to use his own money and buy himself a 7000$ transparent TV that can only be found in Asia.
The price for this TV is already incredible and only a handful of people can afford the price for this TV set.

In any case, Linus and his group immediately unboxed the television set while carefully setting it up.

Its probably not the best idea to have any accidents happen since the TV is definitely worth a lot of money.

It would definitely be a shame if the TV broke because they dropped it while setting it up.

Thankfully, Linus managed to quickly set the TV up without dropping or even breaking the expensive TV. As he quickly tests it out, everyone can see that the TV set is indeed transparent.

Heck, we can even see a few people standing behind the TV while images are playing on the screen.

Of course, the TV's image quality does a good job hiding the people in the background but it still cool to see it in action.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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