The internet went crazy when the BBC created that egg fried rice video and many Asians voiced their displeasure over it.

Now, we get to see Uncle Roger meet up with Hersha Patel and the two are going to clear up the misunderstanding.

Of course, Uncle Roger isn’t really a real person since that’s a persona used by Nigel Ng.

If you’re not familiar with Nigel Ng, he is a Malaysian comedian that’s currently living in the UK.

We can see that Uncle Roger is very early and eager to meet with Hersha since he has a lot to say about the fried rice.

Hopefully, the two can sort this misunderstanding peacefully and we don’t have to see any arguments.
Of course, Hersha knows about the Uncle Roger persona and she probably won’t take anything too seriously

In any case, Uncle Roger is welcomed into Hersha’s home and that doesn’t stop him from snooping around.

As Uncle Roger looks around, he discovers a treasure trove of colanders that was perfectly kept inside one of the shelves.

We just hope that Hersha doesn’t get angry because of Uncle Roger’s busybody nature.
In any case, it doesn’t take long for Uncle Roger to quickly clean up the mess that he made.

A while later, Hersha comes back and the two begin to have a nice chat about the egg fried rice.

In the end, We get to see Hersha cook the egg fried rice and Uncle Roger agrees to taste test it. While Hersha is busy cooking, Uncle Roger ends up finding a jar of unidentified liquid.

We don’t know what’s inside that liquid, but we hope that it’s something edible. Hersha quickly explains its her homebrewed kombucha, but Uncle Roger still doesn’t believe it.

It’s definitely a funny video and we recommend everyone to watch it for a couple of good laughs.
For the full video, you can click on the link below: