Video: Watch The 4 AM Club with James Corden and Mark Wahlberg

How early and how often do you usually exercise? If you exercise as early as 6 AM, then wait till you see Mark Wahlberg's schedule.

James Corden was luckily invited to exercise with Mark at his home. We actually feel sorry for James since it wasn't his usual wake up time.

Waking up as early as 2 AM is difficult especially if your body isn't used to it. We pity James that he has to wake up in the middle of the night because he has to be at Mark Wahlberg's house by 4 AM.

Eventually, James reached Mark's house and we can see that they're about to do some stretching.

Unfortunately for Mark, James doesn't seem to be interested in doing some pre-workout stretching. Despite James' plan to sleep through the workout session, he is still forced to continue exercising.

We think James is getting the hang of it. He seems to be keeping up with Mark as they perform some lunging exercises.

Hopefully, James did some proper stretching beforehand. After all, it wouldn't be good to get injured during a workout session.

Mark eventually shows James how to use some of the machines. As a result, we get a priceless expression from James Corden.

We can take a big guess as to what is on James' mind. It's probably something like, can you believe this guy? This is insane!

After that intense workout, James should be having a good time right? Well, you can find out by watching the full video below:



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