Cooking is something that everyone can learn in many different ways.

We can learn cooking by teaching ourselves or we can learn cooking through school.

Sometimes, a family member will teach us how to cook based on their own experiences.

Now, we get to see if a self-taught adult chef can win against a kid who is taught by world renowned chefs.

If you don’t know about Masterchef junior, it is basically a cooking show where kids compete against one another.

In Masterchef Junior, the judges are famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and Aarón Sanchez.

The judges will not only judge each contestant but they will also help and teach them a couple of things.

It’s very interesting to see these two people compete and we hope they have a good time.

The two girls are suppose to be cooking a chocolate based dessert and things seem to be going well.

We can see that Malia, the kid chef, is pretty focused and determined to do her very best.

On the other hand; Katie, the adult, seems to be pretty curious and concerned if Malia is able to handle the baking equipment.

Of course, Katie’s fears are soon laid to rest after Malia tells us her experiences with the equipment.

The competition between the two isn’t all that crazy and it even seems to be quite casual.

After the two contestants finished baking their desserts, it was definitely time for them to have it judged.

First off, the chocolate souffle which looks amazing despite this camera angle.

It’s well presented and it makes us want to grab it off our scream and have a little taste of our own.

If we tried to cook something as complicated as a souffle, we might end up with a burnt kitchen.

We don’t really want to cook something difficult on our own unless we have someone to teach us.

We definitely give kudos to the chef that made the souffle and we hope that she can be proud of her work.

Next up, we get to see a lovely chocolate tart and it has a nice looking caramelize topping to it.

Of course, the lovely chocolate drizzle makes the dessert extra fancy and well presented.

Both desserts look equally good and we find it very hard to see which one is better.

The judge sure has it hard trying to figure out which is the better dish but we think they invited a professional to do the judging.

If we were to judge, we would definitely like tarts since some of us are massive fans of tarts.

We don’t want to spoil the winner of this competition, so you guys better watch the full video.

Despite it being a competition, it looks like everyone enjoyed it and they even made new friends.

You can check out the full video below: