Video: Watch A Master Chef Make The Biggest Lobster Roll Ever

If you have a giant lobster, what would you do with it? Would you cook it with butter or just steam it?

Why not go above and beyond? Use the giant lobster to make a huge lobster roll.

Of course if you don't know how to make sushi, it will be fine as long as you try to learn.

Here we have Guga from Gugafoods and Hiroyuki Terada from Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef.

If you aren't familiar with Guga and Hiroyuki Terada, they are both popular Youtubers that focuses on cooking.

Guga is widely known for cooking steaks and other meats using a grill.

As for Hirokyuki Terada, he is known to cook sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese cuisine.

These two guys decided to do a collaboration video and we never saw this coming.

Woah! Look at the size of that lobster! It sure looks big and heavy.

This lobster really looks beautiful and really good to eat. Hopefully, this lobster has enough meat for everyone.

We're also quite curious if those pincers could crush or cut a finger. No one is brave or foolish enough to do that right?

Oh boy! Look at all that meat from that lobster. We expected it to give a lot but this is more than we expected it.

We bet Guga and Hiro are tempted enough to have a little bite of this. Since these guys are professionals, they know that the dish isn't done just yet.

Well, we really can't blame them if they decided to eat it instead. After all, this looks seriously good and it can make your mouth water.

Finally, the group just went with the original plan and make a huge lobster roll.

Woah! Look at the size of that thing. If you're curious about the thing on top, that's an empty lobster tail.

This lobster roll looks even better to eat than the plain old lobster. It's just a work of art in our opinion.

We got to admit that this is a dream come true for sushi and lobster fans in the world.

This huge roll could probably feed around 8 or 10 people if we're being generous.

Boy! We hope Guga and Hiroyuki are really hungry because that lobster roll is going to be hard to finish just with the two them.

We hope you guys are interested in this video. If you want to check it all out, you can watch the entire thing below:



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