Video: Watch a Tourism Advertisement of Canada as an Anime

We've seen a lot of tourism advertisements for different countries and they usually show the beauty of the country. However, Canada has a special tourism advertisement for the people of Japan.
While the rest of the world would appreciate live footage of the country they plan on visiting, Japan gets a special anime style advertisement.
It might not be what we're used to, but it's a pretty creative way of attracting tourists. Let's go and check out the video.

The tourism advertisement is animated beautifully and it looks visually amazing. In fact, we think that the advertisement should get its own anime TV series.
In any case, the couple in the advertisement looks completely captivated by Canada's beautiful scenery and we also feel the same way.
It definitely gives us the impression that Canada is trying to get a lot of couples to visit the country since it looks like the best romantic destination.

We also get to see some of Canada's tourist spots in the advertisement. It definitely manages to capture Canada's beauty and we find it impressive.
The advertisement also shows us that it is possible to meet new friends if you decide to visit Canada.
Of course, we definitely think that you can always meet new people when you're traveling to a new place.
If you're not the shy type, then you can probably meet a ton of people.

Canadians are definitely one of the friendliest bunch that you will ever meet. It's probably hard not to like them even if you tried.
We probably think that the Japanese people will get along with the Canadian people since they're both known to be nice.
Of course, the advertisement definitely showcases the friendliness of Canadians and they fully embrace it in the video.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:




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