Video: Watch Bill Gates And Warren Buffett Work at Dairy Queen

Working in the food service industry can be difficult, especially when you work in a fast food restaurant.

However, what if two rich men tried to work there for a day?

We know that there have been times when kids get to work in a company under the supervision of adults but what about grown men?

Well, we get to see Bill Gates and Warren Buffett work in Dairy queen for an entire day.

We know that these two men are one of the wealthiest in America and they have had a lot of experience.

Now that they are much older and much more experienced, can they still manage to work as a regular employee?

We can see the two gentlemen handling the register.

if these two men were inexperienced newbies, they would probably have a hard time interacting with customers.

Fortunately, Warren and Bill have a ton of social skills, so they definitely know what they're doing.

Strangely enough, Bill seems to do most of the talking while Warren would sometimes talk.

Despite the smooth talking that these two gentlemen are doing, we do notice that some of the customers seem shy.

Whatever the reason for their shyness, it's definitely lightening up the mood.

Next, we get to see Bill and Warren serve up some ice cream.

We know that these two are great with people but how about their ice cream making skills?

Although most of the work is done by the machine, you still need a fair amount of skill to serve ice cream on a cone.

Unfortunately, Bill's and Warren's ice cream cone seem to be incredibly disappointing.

We just hope that the customers don't get furious at the ice that they are being served.

Dairy Queen are known for their Blizzard ice creams since these things are incredibly thick and creamy.

In fact, Dairy Queen employees are required to serve these things upside down in order to show their awesomeness.

Well, Warren Buffett tried to replicate the magical and awesome experience but that didn't go too well.

In fact, the ice cream didn't stick to the cup and it fell down to the counter instead.

It probably shocked and disappointed many people but it didn't stop Warren from trying.

Warren probably just needed more time to learn the trick and he might even get it right the next time.

If you guys are interested in watching the video, you can check it out through the link below:



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