Video: Watch A Cancelled Nickelodeon Cartoon

Nickelodeon hosts a lot of television shows and cartoons. Unfortunately, not all of them make it as a series.

In the deep corners of the internet, we somehow get a glimpse of a cancelled Nick cartoon.

Unfortunately, we might never get to see a full blown season for this cartoon.

Of course, we could see it if another studio or network decides to pick it up.

We can't help but dream about it one day, right?

It all starts with the lizard wizard and his band of adventurers trying to conquer a dungeon.

Yes, there is a dog with a sword strapped on his back as one of the characters which is awesome.

The elf seems to be the rogue of the party or maybe a thief perhaps.

We also seem to find a barbarian that has a positive and overly optimistic personality.

From what we can see, it is likely that the lizard wizard is the only one taking the dungeon seriously.

The lizard wizard is then left to enter the dungeon on his own.

While exploring the huge dungeon, he encounters some skeleton soldiers.

Luckily, the skeleton soldiers were minding their own business until the lizard wizard interrupted them.

Of course, the lizard wizard has to avoid the traps that are set around the dungeon which is difficult.

He also has to solve several puzzles in order to proceed further into the depths of the dungeon.

The lizard wizard eventually found his way to the treasure room.

At the treasure room, he finds his band or party members which irritates him a lot.

We understand you lizard wizard and we know the feeling when you have incompetent party members.

After grabbing the treasure, another trap is triggered and everyone has to run for their lives.

Dungeon crawlers is a cartoon heavily inspired from Dungeons and Dragons.

It is amazing to see such good animation and a fun take on dungeon crawling.

It is just a pity that we won't be able to see more of this cool cartoon.

If you guys want to watch the full pilot, you can watch it down below:



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